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The P.7 Pilot

The P.7 Pilot was meticulously designed from the ground up to not only be unique, but to withstand anything you can throw at it. The unique lug design of the P.7 Pilot sets this watch apart from the repetitious watch cases that most watch companies use over and over in their watch designs.

When you hold a Pancerna P.7 Pilot in your hand, you'll notice a substantial, quality feel. On the wrist, it feels rugged and ready for duty. The P.7 case is hardened coated to 1200V in a durable, ion plating (which is 8 times harder than stainless steel) to give it added protection from scratches. The sapphire crystal adds another dimension of protection that will keep your watch looking like new for years to come. At 40mm in width, the P.7 was designed to hit the sizing sweet spot that makes it perfect for everyone to wear, but by no means is the P.7 a small watch with a lug-to-lug length of 49mm.The P.7 also appears a little larger on the wrist because of the lugs on the side of the case. The beating heart of the P.7 Pilot is the self-winding MIYOTA 9039 automatic movement, which some people call the "Lexus" of Japanese automatic movements. It's a workhorse movement that is accurate and reliable. 

The P.7 Pilot is available in 5 color variations.


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