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Warranty & Return Policy

 All Pancerna watches include a one year International (non-transferable) warranty. The limited warranty covers the following components: hands, dial,markers and the watch movement. All unworn watches  can be returned up to three days after receipt for a full credit. You must notify us by email at 

  • Pancerna Watch Company LLC warrants your genuine Pancerna watch against defects and malfunction for a period of (1) one year from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that you discover a defect in material or workmanship with your watch within the warranty period, your watch will be inspected by Pancerna Watch Company upon receipt. If your watch cannot be repaired, the watch will be replaced at no cost to you, If the exact model is no longer available for replacement, a Pancerna watch of equal value will be provided. You must pay the cost difference or accept a store credit if you are accepting a more expensive or less expensive model. All conditions are subject to the following terms:

  1. The watch must be purchased from the Pancerna Watch Company LLC website or an authorized dealer.​

  2. The Pancerna international warranty card must be submitted with the watch for a warranty claim. The international warranty card must be in its original form (photo copies are invalid). The international warranty card must also be signed by Pancerna Watch Company or an authorized dealer.

  3. Shipping costs incurred in presenting a Pancerna Watch Company watch for a warranty claim  (including postage, insurance, customs charges and packing materials) are the purchasers responsibility. Returned watches are subject to a 10% restocking fee. 

  •  All Pancerna watches are regulated and tested for accuracy and water resistance before shipping.


Care Guidelines 


To ensure your Pancerna timepiece functions for years to come, please follow the guidelines listed below: 

  • The timepiece should be serviced every couple of years to oil and lubricate the movement, verify the water resistance rating and replace internal gaskets as needed.

  • Remove the timepiece from your wrist while operating the crown.

  • Avoid impacts and dropping your timepiece, exposure to chemicals, magnetic fields and extreme temperatures from saunas and hot tubs or very hot showers.

  • Do not operate the crown while timepiece is submerged in water.


What Is Not Covered Under The Pancerna Watch Company International Warranty
The limited warranty does not cover the crystal, crown, strap, bracelet, or battery nor does it cover any of the following conditions:
  1. If the watch is dropped or damaged in any way. This may affect the balance of the movement, which may cause the watch to run slow or fast.

  2. Damage to straps or bracelets

  3. Watches must be undamaged and unworn. Any watches returned under warranty with damage, wear or signs of use are not eligible for return or exchange.

  4. Opening the watch case-back, adjustment to the movement, modification or unauthorized repair.

  5. Water infiltration or damage to the watch due to failure to screw-down the watch crown or exceeding the rated water-resistance.

To send your watch for repair or replacement, download the service order form. If you have any questions please contact us.

The caliber (MIYOTA) 9039 which is used in the P.7 Pilot is a no-date movement.
The crown of the timepiece only has two positions: Winding and time adjusting. To set the time on your P.7 Pilot timepiece, you first have to carefully unscrew the crown and then pull the crown out one click. 


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